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Meeting your requirements

on-site meeting
Whether you require archaeological services for a major piece of infra-structure work or a single house extension, Albion has a proven track record working on a wide range of projects with clients large and small.

Our team of in-house specialists can offer a range of sub-contract and consultancy services ranging from project design and management, historical and desk-based archaeological research, excavation and technical services, building recording, conservation management plans, finds processing and analysis, finds and plan illustration and reconstruction drawing.

We can offer...

the icehouse at Bedford Castle
Albion offers its clients the following on all projects, whatever their scale:
  • A client-focused, professional and cost-effective service
  • Value for money
  • Regular progress reports throughout the project with results explained in a clear manner
  • A dedicated project manager to look after their needs throughout the project
  • Knowledgeable staff that will respond to enquiries quickly and efficiently
  • Authoritative, independent and confidential advice
  • The knowledge that agreed deadlines will be met
Albion is able to respond quickly to client requirements and undertakes projects of all sizes. We are used to mobilising for large projects when they occur, and as part of the Eastern Counties Archaeological Field Units Forum we have access to a large additional pool of staff and expertise.

Pre-development and Scheme Design

Working at a desktop survey

In order to help manage the risk of expensive delays and unexpected findings more and more clients are requesting desk-top surveys at an early stage of the development, often pre-acquisition. We are happy to advise on the various options that are available should you wish to assess the likely archaeological implications of a development or assist you with the negotiation and design of an appropriate strategy as you proceed with your planning application.

Albion is careful to consider the needs of the client, best practice and professional standards, and the requirements of the local planning authority when designing or advising on appropriate schemes of work. Negotiation with all parties and careful consideration of the correct methodology are central to this process. Our staff will work hard to ensure that the scheme of archaeological works is designed in the most appropriate and cost effective way.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

landscape before development

If you need to complete an Environmental Impact Assessment, Albion can provide the archaeological/ heritage element working closely with other professionals on the consultancy team.

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Archaeological Evaluation

aerial photograph

Here at Albion we can create project teams with the capability to undertake all types of evaluation work. We have a good track record in the management of complex projects involving various stages of work and different methodologies. If there are particularly complex practical issues, or difficult access arrangements, then you can be assured that Albion will work with you and all other parties involved to ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible.

Archaeological evaluations are often carried out on sites where existing occupants are working or require access. Prior to undertaking intrusive trenching work, Albion will liaise with the client to agree a working method that will ensure minimum disruption.

Typically an evaluation may require one or a number of the following stages:

  • Desk-based Assessment
  • Aerial Photographic Survey
  • Landscape/Building Appraisal/Assessment
  • Fieldwalking Survey
  • Geophysics
  • Trial trenching

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Watching Brief/Monitoring

watching brief near Kempston

The uncertainty of the type of archaeology that may be uncovered during a watching brief can be an area of concern to those running development programmes. Communication is key to ensuring that a watching brief runs smoothly.
Albion will make sure that all parties are clear about what is involved and the arrangements that need to be in place to fulfil any archaeological conditions laid down by the local planning authority. We will work within a pre-agreed scheme designed to ensure minimal disruption to the construction programme.
Arrangements for dealing with significant or unexpected findings will be outlined in advance and agreed with all parties concerned. Health and safety is a prime consideration and all our staff are experienced at working on construction sites alongside working plant.

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excavation at Biddenham

Excavation can be costly and time-consuming, but if well-managed and professionally carried out the process will run to programme and budget. Albion carries out work to the highest possible professional standards ensuring that the requirements of the planning conditions are fully met. We have experience of helping clients fit archaeological excavation into their programme of works and will work within an agreed timescale and budget. Large sites, for example, can usually be divided into areas that can be released for construction in stages. We are confident that we can offer a cost effective service combining value for money with high level of service and customer care.

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Specialist Services (Finds)

pottery specialist

Unlike many similar organisations, Albion retains a team of in-house specialists to undertake finds analysis. Our ceramic and general artefact specialists each have over 20 years experience and are able to work on a range of artefacts from a wide area of the country. Key specialist areas include Roman, Medieval and later pottery, CBM (brick and tile), metalwork, bone and stone objects.

Our in-house specialists work closely with the fieldwork teams making finds study an integrated and ongoing part of the project, helping to ensure smooth and effective project delivery. Albion can also offer competitive rates for finds analysis and report-writing on a sub-contract basis and has the capacity to deal with large assemblages.

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Specialist Services (Illustration and Graphics)

reconstruction painting

Our in-house illustration and graphics team has a wide experience of working both on our own projects and for external clients. We are available to undertake sub-contract illustration and graphic design including display boards and leaflets, finds illustration, pottery drawing and reconstruction drawing. Albion also supports a range of CAD, GIS and database packages for use in the analysis, interpretation and display of site data.

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Historic Buildings and Structures

inspecting a timber framed barn

Whether a full record is required prior to demolition, or as part of the conversion process, Albion has expertise in the study of all types of buildings and their surroundings. We can undertake the study of timber-framed and stone-built buildings including churches and barns, in addition to 19th and 20th century building types.

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Conservation Management

plan of Bedford Castle area

Albion has wide experience of working with other professionals as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Whether you are looking at the long term management of a single monument or a wider area, Albion can carry out a full site appraisal or characterisation study, advising on an appropriate strategy for the management of the historic environment.

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Outreach and Education

Archaeology day at Harrold Country Park

Albion Archaeology's outreach policy means that members of the public are able to learn more about archaeology and find out about discoveries in their local area. Where possible we arrange tours of our major sites and our public display at St Mary's Church has information about recent excavations.

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Commissioning Work

Roman writing implements

If you need to commission an archaeological/heritage-based project or would like further advice about our services, our staff will be happy to discuss your requirements or arrange an initial meeting, without obligation. If our quotation is accepted we will provide and obtain agreement for the required written scheme of investigation. (Work cannot start until the Written Scheme of Investigation has been approved by the local planning authority or the archaeologists acting on their behalf).

Please contact Drew Shotliff (01234 294002) our Operations Manager or Hester Cooper-Reade our Business Manager (01234 2940101), or click on the contacts button for details of our address and e-mail contact.

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